Welcome to Mike Schuppe, LLC

Mike Schuppe

Retired Fire Chief - Professional Consultant/Coach
After 30 years in the fire service, I know I have more to give to the world. I wanted to find a way to support people as they seek to redefine their mission and ensure their priorities align with their goals. I created Mike Schuppe LLC and Command & Control Consulting/Coaching with this in mind.

Here at Mike Schuppe, LLC, I know that every individual and organization has the power to realign their compass as they navigate life's journey.  

Thank you for stopping by. I am excited to be your guide as you embark on your journey.


To provide high-quality coaching/consulting to enable any client to break through the barriers of limiting beliefs, behaviors, habits, and processes.


Enable every client to recognize the power within themselves based on their values and beliefs to harness growth opportunities, realign with their purpose in life, and attain their BEST Possible Self.


Committed to providing a positive process based on the individual or organization's needs through a holistic approach to wellness.

By establishing an interactive client partnership with mutual commitment, I can help you find your motivation and facilitate achieving your true potential. I operate from the premise that all clients are engaged, committed, and willing to be creative, resourceful, and curious and therefore have the ability and potential to express and define their solutions. The interactive client partnership challenges you to recognize and build on your strengths by exploring your current mindset throughout the process. This process provides the opportunity to develop a fresh perspective on where you are and where you desire to be. It will enable positive change and provide direction as you move forward. I am a guide helping each client develop their action plan and roadmap for the future.

Integrity - Trust - Compassion - Courage

Heart - Mind - Body - Soul


First and foremost, Mike is a leader.
Mike embodies the concept of leadership by example in the most evident and observable ways. His leadership enables those around him to feel consistently supported, challenged, and driven to a greater purpose. He leads by creating space for creativity and innovation and provides the freedom to make mistakes and learn the important lessons necessary for improvement. His leadership style and character allow for those around him to collectively develop, contribute to and continually invest in and commit to shared goals.
I would highly recommend Mike Schuppe as a coach or consultant for his skills, experience, and diversified approach for anyone striving for personal or professional improvement.
 Stephanie August 2021